BIM Design

BIM Design

BIM Design (Building Information Modeling)

“BIM” is an abbreviation for “Building Information Modeling”, and it is a software that allows designers to build directly in a 3D environment. Conventional design process required us to create 2D drawings first, then transfer the data in to a 3D software to create a 3D model. But BIM allows the designer to initially work in 3D model then create a set of 2D drawings from it.
Using BIM has the following advantages.

  • “Easy to imagine” Presentation (3D Modeling)
    BIM design process is very similar to constructing an actual building on site. This allows designers to present their buildings through actual surroundings and angles, making it easy for clients to envision their projects.
  • Design Efficiency
    In a conventional design process, if a revision was needed, the designer had to revise all of the 2D drawings first in order to revise the 3D. But in BIM, one change in the model will automatically change the entire related drawing package allowing designers to save time and reduce design inconsistency between related drawings.
  • Simulation as a real building
    With the Simulation process, we are able to detect any design problems prior to the actual build.

    • Outside the site analysis: By inputting data of surrounding topography and neighboring buildings, we can predict the influences of sunlight, shade and wind to the building site.
    • Inside the building analysis: Verifying the location and position of structural elements, finishing materials to determine the facility pluming route.
    • Others: Early prediction of how the building will move and shift during an earthquake.
    • Etc…
  • Efficient Construction Schedule and Cost Reduction
    With the simulation process, inconsistency during the design and construction period will dramatically decrease, resulting in faster schedule and cost reduction.

ACA-KNBI will offer the following works using BIM.

  • -Architecture building CG model, Simulation of wind direction and speed, Cost management and Design process management.

  • -Structure design in 3D model, Cost reduction analysis, and Design process management.

  • -MEP 3D model and simulation program used to simulate and optimize the use of energy (Such as heat load, lighting power, and efficient ventilation.), and come up with solutions that is energy efficient and cost effective.

With well experienced Vietnamese and Japanese staff in location, and with the combination of BIM software, we are confident that we can provide clients with thoughtful and technical ideas that will satisfy the client’s needs.

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